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Our passion for gastronomy has led us to ask our ancestors questions. To discover all those drinks mentioned by Pliny the Elder (23-79) in his Natural History. To re-read the Liber Vinis (The Book of Wines), which was attributed to Arnau de Vilanova (1240-1311), where he speaks of wine as a base ingredient that is mixed with many medicinal botanicals. To reinterpret the great drinks of our festive heritage: vermouths, quinine wines, ratafias, liqueurs, spirits…

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    The liquid cuisine of El Celler de Can Roca

    Expanding on the "La cuina del vi" project launched by Josep Roca in 1998, Esperit Roca has set out to develop beverages, applying the same level of versatility and detail as would be applied to a dish. The aim is to create a gastronomic experience of the two components together.

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    We interpret landscapes

    The water from a spring, an infusion of the herbs around it with a jug filled from that spring. And wine. Wines are magnificent expressions of an environment. We observe, experience, interpret, distil and combine the elements of a setting, to offer up a drink of it. We want to relive the place from the distance, like a memory served in a bottle.

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    We are inspired by nature

    The plants that define the landscapes that capture our hearts, whether natural or cultural, form the base of our products. We love agricultural landscapes that peacefully coexist with wild nature. This is how we get to know and understand our surroundings.

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    We are driven by culture

    Culture is the point of departure and the determining factor for the way nature is shaped to generate a landscape. Agriculture, livestock farming, town planning and public works all play a role. A deep understanding of the culture and the ethnobotanical, agricultural, festive and gastronomic traditions of a region is vital if we are to distil its essence.

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    Beyond tradition

    Tradition, which can be understood as a cultural repository, is a cornerstone of our identity. Precisely for this reason, traditions are the starting points for any sort of innovation. We begin with intrinsic cultural values and offer reinterpretations of traditions, evolving with a steadfast commitment to our environment.

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    Quality and authenticity

    We present our products as plainly as possible. Because we fully believe in the quality and uniqueness of our ingredients, and in the purity and minimalism of our processes. Simplicity enables us to offer a genuine view of each ingredient, enhancing its virtues without any complexities that might mask them.

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    Simplicity and complexity

    We believe that seemingly simple things are often actually complex. For this reason, we feel that our job is to tame complexity, to present it as we believe it should be: clean, innovative and accessible. Our products strive to be refined, sleek and taut... Free of any opulence or pretentiousness that might unnecessarily cloud the understanding of what we want to convey.

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    We offer a wide range of products, including spirits, beers, wines, liqueurs and fortified wines. Each technique is a means to work freely and without constraints. Each product embodies the interpretation of a place, while contributing to the construction of Esperit Roca as a figure in perspective. Like a brushstroke on a painting.

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    We offer unique and sometimes one-off products, to portray a specific place at a particular moment: a vision, a year, a special event. A piece of the whole picture or a whole picture of the piece. We strive to create special, original products in our pursuit of distinctive excellence.

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    Esperit Roca aims to create a new gastronomic encounter. An experience made up of refined elements with great meaning and strength on their own, yet which combine with one another in a new, perfectly balanced harmony.

A single path governs our rules: freedom of interpretation, a gastronomic calling tied to the cultural values of the environment and an absolute respect for nature.