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Rock Tea


Presenting a gin that embodies our country’s most jagged landscape, distilled in a wine spirit made of Parellada and Ugni Blanc grapes from Penedès. We go into the Pyrenees to pick the violet juniper berries. There, growing in the stone crevices of the harshest terrains is the botanical that makes our minimalist gin unique: rock tea, with its many healing properties. Jasonia glutinosa is an aromatic plant popularly used in the Mediterranean to make liqueurs, ratafia and herbal teas, with digestive properties.


Fruity, floral, resinous, balsamic and mild, this gin is made with only two botanicals: Pyrenees juniper berries with a radiant quality and woody notes; and rock tea with a very special camphor aroma. The Parellada-Ugni Blanc wine spirit from Penedès is the ideal backdrop for the balanced burst of flavour of these botanicals.

50 cl
Alc. 40,5% Vol.
Distilled gin


  • Made with only two botanicals, this minimalist gin captures the refreshing feel of a walk in the mountains, as you tread over the lush green of the meadows, brushing past trees and shrubs laden with balsamic resins, flowers and fruits. For precisely this reason, we have avoided the neutrality of alcohol, opting instead for the aromatic complexity of the raw wine spirit, which is made from Ugni Blanc and Parellada grapes. For its part, the rock tea is not intended as a nod to the El Celler. Rather, we’ve reached the conclusion that it is one of the most complex and representative species of calcareous mountains.


    A gin very far removed from London, with the prominent presence of juniper berries and rock tea, along with the sharp vitality and imprint of the distilled wine aroma, give rise to a straightforward yet very smooth Gin & Tonic with a cool and cheerful Mediterranean personality. This G & T very much evokes a walk in the mountains, with the touch of autumn’s sea breeze.



    50 ml Ginebra Te de Roca
    200 ml tonic water


    Combine the gin and the tonic in a Collins glass or balloon glass filled to the top with ice.
    This drink should be served on its own, or at the most, with a twist of lime.



    With its elegant and discreet pale peach colour, Dry Roca is designed for those who love hearty aperitifs reminiscent of rural culture.


    5 parts Ginebra Te de Roca
    1 part Vi amb Arrels


    1 green olive pierced with a sprig of rock tea. Ideally, a few olives with rock tea.


    Mix the Ginebra Te de Roca and the Vi amb Arrels in a cocktail shaker full of ice.
    Strain the mixture into a chilled cocktail glass.
    Garnish the cocktail with an orange twist and a plump green olive.



    Arrels is a relaxed, bucolic day of hiking in the Pyrenees, with plenty of time to take in the landscapes and the aromas of the flora around you.


    1 part Vi amb Arrels
    1 part Ginebra Te de Roca


    1 orange twist
    1 liquorice stick


    Mix the gin and the wine in a cocktail shaker full of ice.
    Strain into a wine glass with one ice cube and garnish with an orange twist and the liquorice stick.


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