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These products embody a radical interpretation of places of special meaning for the Roca brothers.

El Celler de Can Roca have recently launched their liquid cuisine, inspired on the landscapes that have captivated brothers Joan, Josep and Jordi. Esperit Roca – Distillery was born out of the Roca brothers’ wish to express their vision of the landscapes, by distilling them and giving them a new liquid perspective. The research of the last seven years has given rise to countless beverages served as pairings, aperitifs or to accompany post-meal table chat. The range includes spirits, distilled and macerated liqueurs, fortified wines, fruit and legume ferments and beers. For Josep Roca, Esperit Roca – Distillery is a return to the imaginary journeys of his childhood: “As a child, I was fascinated by the world of spirits and liqueurs at my parents’ bar. I’d look at the labels and imagine travelling to different countries. Today I still feel that childhood excitement. It is an eagerness to capture nature in liquid form, recover old memories and share bottled landscapes”.

Hence, the Esperit Roca – Distillery catalogue initially includes two very different lines. To showcase the project beyond the restaurant and afford the Roca brothers the opportunity to share them with a wider audience, a selection of unique and valuable products has been proposed.

The Sèrie Paratge (landscape series) is the essence and the core of the project, where each and every product is inspired on landscapes with special meaning for the Roca brothers. To start, they are launching their Ginebra de Te de Roca (rock tea gin) and Aiguardent de Garrofa (carob spirit). The upcoming months will bring forth the Vi amb Arrels (wine with roots), an aromatised wine that will complete the initial triad of products. The Sèrie Paratge is born with the desire to expand, offering a growing range of beverages that will gradually be unveiled.

The Esperit Roca - Distillery catalogue features spirits, liqueurs and gins, as well as aromatised wines and beers.

The Sèrie Cacau (cocoa series) is connected with Casa Cacao, the El Celler de Can Roca chocolate factory. This series is made up of three beverages that bring out all the lustre of cacao from a liquid perspective: Ginebra de Cacau (cacao gin), Esperit de Cacau (cacao spirit) and Licor de Cacau (cacao liqueur).



Through the landscapes and the botanical species that comprise them, El Celler de Can Roca offer a collection of products with direct ties to the herbal liqueurs of our ancestors, of a country with a tradition of wines and spirits and of lively, joyful post-meal conversations around the table. As Josep Roca points out, “El Celler de Can Roca’s liquid cuisine aims to share the pleasure of conversation with a few drops of slow, natural, valuable life spirit”.

Cacao and carob take centre stage in the Roca brothers’ liquid cuisine.
  • 23.01.2023

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